Table of RGG GUI Elements and Their Attributes

Basic GUI Elements
GUI Element Attributes
filechooser var, label, accepted-extension, fileselection-mode, multiselection-enabled, description, span
textfield var, label, data-type, default-value, size, span
combobox var, label, items, selected-item, selected-index, span
slider var, label, min, max, default-value, paint-ticks, paint-labels, paint-track, paint-value, major-tick-spacing, minor-tick-spacing, span
checkbox var, label, selected, return-value-by-selected, return-value-by-notselected, labelposition, span
radiobutton var, label, button-group, selected, return-value-by-selected, labelposition, span
listbox var, label, visible-row-count, data-type, span
vector var, label, vector-type, size, default-value, alignment
matrix var, data-type, alignment, span
label test, alignment, span
h1 text, span, alignment
h2 text, span, alignment
h3 text, span, alignment
h4 text, span, alignment
h5 text, span, alignment
h6 text, span, alignment
img src, alignment, span
separator label, span
gaprow height

Area specific GUI Elements

Micro Array Analysis
GUI Element Attributes
maimporter var, other-columns, span
targetfileeditor var, span